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IPGard is an American developer and manufacturer of cyber-security solutions, including Secure KM & KVM Switches, Firewalls, Infrastructure Protection products, cables, and accessories. Dedicated to safeguarding sensitive digital information through innovative technologies, our team regularly works with companies, governments, and financial organizations around the world that trust us with securing their essential cyber assets.


As an IPGARD partner, you will receive access to resources ideal for promoting and distributing IPGARD products throughout a variety of respected markets. We are always seeking new partnerships to better provide customers with the most reliable products on the market while maintaining superb client satisfaction.


Each IPGARD partner is appointed an account representative to personally address any questions, concerns, and business opportunities. Your IPGARD rep will offer a friendly, professional, and valuable working relationship with us at all times, including phone & email consultations, product briefings, and in-depth solutions for your cyber-security needs.


All marketing materials, such as product brochures, advertisements, pictures, videos, data sheets, and more will be available to all IPGARD partners for use in closing sales. New product announcements, recent company news, and other company related information will be delivered via email as soon as the information has been released.


All technical support services via phone and email will be accessible to every IPGARD partner at no extra cost.


All IPGARD partners have access to free drop shipping services (from our warehouse directly to your customer).


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