IPGARD's Secure KM and KVM Switches are approved by by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).

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Result Driven

IPGard is dedicated to solving each customer’s digital security challenges with solutions that best fit those issues. From designing the ideal firewall to crafting secure remote command interfaces, IPGard will fortify your networks and keep your private information safe.


Customer Focused

Every customer faces unique challenges when securing their digital network, and here at IPGard we are driven to identify and address those problems head-on. Our team of experts are available to help develop and guide you to protection that not only lasts, but fits.


Cutting Edge

IPGard offers top-of-the-line protection solutions backed by the newest tech to safeguard your sensitive data. Our extensive catalogue and custom-catered service makes IPGard the one-stop shop for all of your cyber-security needs.


IPGard team is comprised of international cybersecurity experts who develop an impressive array of protective solutions from our headquarters in the USA.


Our solutions are specifically catered to organizations who handle confidential information. Financial, government, and military institutions make up some of IPGard’s most notable clientele, utilizing everything from firewalls to KVM controllers.

Featured Product Lines

IPGard FireWalls

Shield your network from malicious intruders with powerful firewall solutions.

Secure Switches

Securely take command of remote computing systems with these secure switching and control solutions.

Infrastructure Protection

Comprehensive and custom-crafted solutions
built to fit your unique security needs.